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TNA sold for 18.7% profit and AGU sold for 10.7% profit …. No Picks for Friday

I did not spend much time following the markets today … As I informed you in my earlier post that I was busy taking care of my other business interest in agriculture (ZeaMax Research) …. So, I will not provide market recap, but will straight proceed to discussing TaurusTrader portfolio.

It was a great Thursday for TaurusTrader portfolio.  AGU hit its profit target ($41.50) for 10.7% profit.  AGU was bought on 3/19/2009 for $37.50 a share. 

TNA was even better …. it made 18.7% profit in less than 2 weeks.  TNA was bought on 4/02/2009 for $20.05 a share, and sold today for $23.80. 

TNA and AGU make  five trades closed for profit this week.  Other positions closed were – CMED, AMR and XRT.  XRT  however, was stopped out, but the trade was still profitable!

TaurusTrader swing portfolio currently consists of – WNR, AMR (50%), FCN, HON, HSP, WDC, EXP, FMX, and GNK.  All the picks advanced today!  Incredible!!!

Tomorrow is option expiration day …. too much volatility is expected.  So, I’ll wait till next week for new picks.   PATIENCE PAYS …..

Have a great day and a superb weekend ….  If you had invested with me, you have already assured yourself a fantastic weekend!!!  




A Note from TaurusTrader ….

I would like to let the faithful readers of the blog to know that I may not be able to update the blog daily for the next few weeks. If you had a chance to read my bio, you may be aware that I have another business, ZeaMax Research – an ag related research, management, and market support out fit. Ag season is here, and it is getting hectic. So, I may not be able to devote as much time to this blog as I used to. But, I sure will update the blog and provide my picks a couple of times a week.

Be assured that I will be picking and trading stocks as usual with swing portfolio.  However, I’ll reduce my day trading activities.

My philosophy to investing in stocks is that it should be less hazardous to my wealth and health. I make my picks, set my entry and exit targets, and will let the market do its trick.  Win or lose, I know exactly what I’m getting in to before I enter in to any trade. I don’t have to be in front of the computer all the time looking and worrying about what’s happening to my positions. I suggest you do the same too. “Worry” as less as possible. It’s good for your health, and wealth will follow!

If there are questions or comments, please do not hesitate to post or drop me an email – taurustrader@sbcglobal.net

I got to go now to visit a farm  ….. and to get my hands and feet dirty!

Good luck trading ….