Who is TaurusTrader?

My name is  Naag Rao.  I have a PhD in agriculture from NC State University, Raleigh, NC.  Go Wolfpack!!!!

I’ve worked for over 20 years in both academia as well as in private sector.  I have tried my hands in several different fields in my career.  I started my career as an Agronomist, turned in to a weed science professional, then into a seed and biotech researcher, and finally became nematologist.  I also have experience in several roles in research, sales, marketing, as well as market support.  My last appointment was with Monsanto company as a Nematology program lead.  I quit the job with Monsanto after working close to a decade in late 2006.  Right now I run my own research, management, and consultancy company named ZEAMAX RESEARCH.  I help and advise ag companies on how to position their products in the market place.  I love what I do!!

I was always curious in finding some ‘order’ in ‘chaotic’ environments through logical means.  I navigated through several ‘chaotic’ circumstances in my life too.  Chaos in Stock market always fascinated me – i.e., what makes stocks go up or down, most often defying commonsense or a reasonable ‘reason’. 

I believe my background in science, sales and marketing, and statistics could be applied to navigate through ‘chaos’ in the market and be able to reduce losses and make profits.  This belief in my abilities made me quit my nice paying job with Monsanto and venture in to becoming a stock trader and to make a living out of it.

As it would happen in life, as soon as I started trading full time in 2007, there came huge chaos – the market took a tail spin into downward spiral.  I survived despite being a newbie in hands on trading. 

I have my own system for picking stocks for trading.   Based on my research, some times I day trade too.  But, most my trades are swing trades – i.e., I hold the equity any where from 2 days to 4 weeks.  I also hold some high dividend paying stocks for a longer time, and on which I write covered calls.  Yes, I’m diversified.

I also trade options, both calls and puts.  This strategy represents about 10% of my portfolio.

In this “TAURUSTRADER” blog, I will give out my trades and recommendations.  Let me know what you think.  Let us help each other navigate this chaotic market and make money.  Your participation and input is very much appreciated.

Best wishes ….

Naag Rao, PhD, CCA, TSP


8 responses to “Who is TaurusTrader?

  1. hi, do you have an rss feed so we can publish your content onto mrswing automoatically 🙂


  2. Larry,
    Here is the RSS feed link:



  3. Mr. Rao;

    I am impressed with what i have read.

    Please let me know the subscription for TAURUSTRADER.

  4. Rama Pandey:

    Thanks much for visiting my blog and appreciate your comment.

    This blog is a daily compilation of what I think and do preparing myself for trading. I derive great pleasure documenting my activities for my own benefit. It makes me more disciplined with my trades.

    This blog is open to all. Sharing my thoughts with the world is an additional benefit. I welcome ideas and critique from visitors to the site. My hope is that we would help each other navigate the markets and improve our odds for success as traders. I’m not thinking more than this at least for now!


    Naag Rao

  5. Your website is great and the information presented is very impressive! I just started investing so I will be visiting your site daily.

    • Thanks Matt, for visiting TaurusTrader site …. Good luck with your investments.
      If there’s any thing that I could help, please let me know.


  6. Thanks for the info and insights Naag, I will continue to follow what you are doing and try to pick up knowledge as I go.

    Like Matt, I am somewhat of a novice investor though I have been investing in companies I like for the past ten years or so which has worked out pretty well.

    One question I had for you…are the trades you’re making in this “Swing” account in a IRA so you’re not paying capital gains? I have a somewhat sizable Roth and SEP IRA and have been wanting to start putting it in play more like what you are describing in your blog, but have not really been doing it with the gusto that you obviously are.

    I look forward to following your trades.

    Thanks again, Erik

  7. Eric,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting …

    Welcome to the world of adventure of investing! Good luck.

    Yes, I trade in my 401K … You can trade pretty much everything in your 401K just like you do with any normal trading account. I even dabble with options once a while.

    No, I’m not that adventurous. I handle about 60% of the account myself, and let professionals handle the rest.


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